Wedding Trends for 2019 – What’s Hot and What’s Not Next Year?

Wedding Trends for 2019

As we hotfoot through the year, summer 2018 seems a distant memory. The temperature outside is plummeting! So it’s time to shut the door, stick the kettle on and curl up in front of the fire. Wedding planner at the ready! For those of you prepping for your big day these are the wedding trends that will be a big feature next year.

Brides Get Practical!

We’ll see our brides in 2019 become increasingly shrewd, choosing the comfortable options. There will be a rise in pocketed wedding dresses giving the bride somewhere she can keep her something old, new, borrowed and blue! Also brides will be taking the decision to wear shorter trains to enable them to transition from day-to-night smoothly. Nearly 6 months on from the Royal Wedding we’re expecting brides to take their lead from Meghan’s stunningly simple gown. Following on from this – sleeves are back!!! Brides are shying away from strapless dresses and freezing to death on their wedding day. Instead opting for the warmer option of sleeves! I’m sure our royals Kate, Meghan and Eugenie have had a hand in starting this wedding trend.

Couples are also getting sensible with the finances and the Engagement Moon is becoming more popular. The clue is in the title! Couples are choosing to go away before the wedding rather than afterwards on a traditional honeymoon. The idea being that you can plan your trip before the wedding budget runs away with you and all you have left is enough for a weekend in a tent! The trends in destinations have moved from the South of France and 2019 will see more couples in Lake Como, Mykonos and Croatia.

Weddings Get Colourful!

Colour is a wedding trend that will be a big feature next year. We’re expecting 2019 weddings to be awash with vibrant colours! Traditional wedding whites and creams will make way for red, pink and orange! Maybe all at the same time… gasp! You may need to invest in a pair of sunglasses no matter what time of year the wedding is! Metallic wedding dresses could also start to feature with gold and brassy gowns the next big thing! Move over Shirley Bassey…


Ceremonies Get Conscious…

Sustaining our planet and all the good things in it can hardly be described as a fashion or wedding trend but even the wedding industry is starting to sit up and take note! Flowers that can be replanted, organic food on the menus, and reducing the waste and plastic produced and used are all becoming more popular. At the forefront of this eco-friendly movement is the gorgeous Princess Eugenie and her handsome groom Jack Brooksbank. Their wedding earlier this month was completely plastic free! Added to that is swapping the request for wedding gifts with donations to charity. This was a feature of Harry and Meghan’s nuptials in May this year. The royals are certainly inspiring us to think more responsibly about our planet and the people in it.

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It’s the small things…

When it comes to invites, gimmicks are out and personalised illustrations are in! As with everything these days, custom designs bring a uniqueness to any occasion. All about going the extra mile for guests, table favours will be replaced by hand-delivered gifts. Hangover packs, customised eye masks for down time and welcome food packs to keep your guests from snaffling the wedding cake before it’s cut are just a few new ideas! On the recycling theme, ceremony flowers are being turned into tiny bouquets! Then delivered to guest rooms with a thank you note from the happy couple.

Entertainment goes off piste!

We may be seeing a little less of more traditional choices as couples look for new ways to entertain their guests! Some going to the trouble of tarot card readers in venue bathrooms! Others having staff dressed to fit the theme of the day – even at the coat check in! It’s all about creating memories that guests will talk about for months, sometimes years, after the big day.

Mark Niemierko is a celebrity event and wedding planner. His observation for next year is the growing popularity of wedding wind downs. This is the trend of couples and their guests wanting to party later and later into the night. At one recent celeb wedding his team organised a wind down in the venue’s drawing room. The guests were gathered round the grand piano having a good old fashioned sing along! If only we knew someone who played the piano

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